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WE ARE VERY PROUD TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and FIRST RESPONDERS.  THE would like to invite all military personnel and first responders from all branches of service to come shoot our events at a 20% discount. Please bring your active military ID card or first responders credentials.
Contact Jimmy Gould 580 320 9392

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No NEED to QUALIFY for any THE Event!!!
Come one come all we always love to see new people no membership required!
Final Pursuit TV, is not only hosted by one of my good friends, Wes Murphy, but is also a partnering show with THE. So we are proud to make this links to their Website, Facebook and YouTube channel.



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We are very proud, to be partnered with R&W, threw A BIGshot Archery Co. We are now able to bring you brand new targets with our "TK" Scoring System on them. This company is our Official Exclusive Target Brand.