TRUE KILL "TK" Scoring

This system is designed to give hunters a chance to practice, their shooting skills, at score rings that better represent real life kill shots.  Simply put, "Shoot to kill" and you will score well.  We honestly believe this is the best scoring concept to ever hit 3D archery.  Training hunters to shoot animals and receive scores for real life kill shots not just rings on a target.  This system also allows the average Joe a chance to shoot a very competitive score. Each and every shoot, just by making clean kill shots, placed well within the lungs of each represented animal.  Warning!!! To even the BEST shooters, if you pull down on the heart, 15 ring, you had better be sure of your yardage. And don't flinch!!!!  There is no safety net, if you hit low, right, or left there is a 20 point swing.  For we take 5 points away for a wounded animal.  And that will ruin even the best competitors day.  So come to our events and prepare to hunt.  On foam instead of FLESH and BLOOD.
This scoring system will take some time to catch on we know, and will provably under go some refining in the process.  However, we feel that it is worth the effort, and more closely represents the true meaning behind THE's vision. That is to teach each and every hunter to push beyond the so called limitations of there equipment and skills.  To become a more confident and lethal hunter when they take their weapon of choice to the woods. 
These score rings and the concept of using them, to train hunters to be more lethal hunters, are both subject to copyright as of May 2009.