True Hunting Experiences "THE"
Teaching Hunters to be better Hunters
Do you have T.H.E. nerve?  Welcome to Deerman's T.H.E. 3D - "Where 3-D Archery and Hunting Meet".  We have taken the sport of 3-D archery and given it a twist.  With the emphasis on hunting and good, clean shot  placement, we developed a scoring system that rewards clean kill shots and deducts points for misplaced shots.  T.H.E.  True Hunting Experiences takes the 3-D target back into focus as a "living animal" where a misplaced shot leaves an animal wounded. These "living animals" are then placed in realistic hunting atmospheres, which can even include some tighter and partially obstructed shots.  It's just good practice for the hunt.
These are NOT your ordinary 3-D archery tournaments.  Be ready to step up and shoot your bow!  When you shoot T.H.E. events, don't expect the same routine format.  Everything has changed.  Other scoring systems allow for complacency.  With T.H.E. there is no more "at least I hit foam."  Many shooters are skeptical when first approached with the idea of taking points away from the shooter.  However, the vast majority of those shooters love the idea after just one round.  Most shooters have the same response after their second round, "I didn't have near as many negative shots as I did the last time."  And that's the whole point - always improving to become an even better hunter threw shooting.
T.H.E. allows every shooter to push themselves beyond their presumed capabilities and practice at that level.  Thus allowing shooters to determine which shots they are capable of performing and more importantly, which they are not.  When T.H.E. hunters come to "the moment of truth", they know beyond a doubt whether they should take the shot or let it walk.
Written 1999 revised 2010

This is the day and age of the exciting Extreme Sports.  Just as the X-games are to the Olympics, Deerman’s THE 3D is to the rest of the competitive archery world.  The X-games were created to give a competitive atmosphere to fit the abilities of its athlete’s.  That normal Olympic game’s just could not show case.  While all other forms of conventional archery sports are all designed to reward and teach perfect shooting form.  Here at THE (True Hunting Experiences) we feel that this shooting form thou important is only a starting point and not a finishing point for the hunter.
All of our efforts are being aimed at bringing true and realistic hunting skills into focus at our competitions.  Hunting demands, the Hunter, to be prepared for shots that conventional archery sports simply do not prepare them for.  At THE events, seminars, web cast shows, and in our instructional video’s the Hunter’s will learn to shoot their bow in many different positions.  That are not normally used during archery shooting events, and perfect form alone simply will not help to the shooter make the shot a success.  At our events shooters are gaining practice needed for real life hunting situations.
Simulations at THE events cause the hunter to pull out all his/her instincts and turn them into skills.  Such as off balance shots leaning just that little extra around a tree, sitting in a chair or from your knees in a ground blind, twisting as the buck of a life time walks the trail just behind your tree, and/or allowing for arrow arch to carry over the creek bank and down into the vitals of your trophy animal trying to slip away.  We put the hunter in these and many more hunting situations, to allow the Hunter to become much more lethal and successful each fall.  THE will improve the hunter’s skills,  by adding valuable knowledge to his/her hunting arsenal.  Deerman’s THE 3D is Taking Hunter’s to the edge.  One True Hunting Experience at a time.
Written 2008

Our vision has been, and will continue to be, to create a version of this sport that will entice the hunters not yet shooting 3D archery, to come give it a try.  How you ask?  By recreating the hunting story, threw those that come and experience our 3D archery concept.  We all have that story we love to tell of a close encounter that didn’t present the right opportunity to kill the buck of a lifetime.  So, instead of the hunters hearing of long distance being the story behind 3D archery.  We want them to hear stories that resemble things they have experienced themselves in real life hunting situations.  And, how when you experienced them, first with a foam animal, that preparation allowed you to have the confidence, to successfully overcome these scenarios, and killing the trophy we all desire.
If you approach our events from the common perspective that 3D archery is only a target shooting sport, and not at all hunting practice.  Then, trust me you will leave very disappointed, some have even left upset.  However, if you can bring yourself to look at 3D archery, from our perspective, as being good hunting preparation.  You will find a new found tool and enjoyment for the sport you already love.  We believe that this concept worked for the five of us and will work for each and everyone of you just the same.  Embrace, your hunting roots along with ours, for our events are designed to be True Hunting Experiences.
THE was not, is not, and will not be designed to be just your average 3D shooting sport.  THE’s original birth and purpose was to teach Brad Storts, Brad Carlson, Robin Goerge, Mike Gould, and myself to be better hunters.  With that goal in mind is why we set our shot presentations in such unorthodox settings compared to the rest of the organized 3D shooting world.  We are trying our best to make each scenario as close to a real life should you or shouldn’t you situation as possible.  The only way to prepare for the toughest shoots, which a mature animal can and will present you with, is to simulate them on 3D courses.  Here at THE, 3D archery is and always will be first and foremost hunting practice.  On foam instead of Flesh and Blood.
Written 2009