Do you think this book is hard to get into?  Well several of us made a run for it, the past three years. Though some of us may have won our respective GrandSlam. Aside from these few most have not accomplished it.  See to get into the SuperSlam record books for a permanent entry you must sweep a GrandSlam.  Thats right not just win it, but win it all. So my hat is off to anyone who can shot like this.  Join us in the quest of the SuperSlam.
SuperSlam Winners
Cris HaiderYouthTexas GrandSlam2010
Chet PhillipsSeniorsOklahoma GrandSlam2011
Tyson GouldCubsOklahoma GrandSlam2011
Dodie SchnebergerWomens HunterOklahoma GrandSlam2011

Julie Wiggins Cubs Texas GrandSlam 2012
Ashlee Stearns Mighty-Mite oklahoma GrandSlam 2012
Chet Phillips Seniors Oklahoma GrandSlam 2012
Corina Mckibban Womens Fixed Pin Oklahoma GrandSlam 2012

Darrell McKibban Primitive Oklahoma GrandSlam 2013
Dakota Ridenour Youth Oklahoma GrandSlam 2013
​Jeffery Bassett Mighty-Mite Texas GrandSlam 2013

Travis Bassett Mighy-Mite Texas GrandSlam 2014
Jerrod Klein Open Texas GrandSlam 2014
Logan Morris Youth Oklahoma GrandSlam 2014

"​Black Buckle Brother Hood"