The only thing we need is a range that is willing to try something new. If you wish to pursue hosting an even then contact Jimmy Gould CEO/Founder.  We have made this completely risk free.  No joining fees we do everything on a win win basis.  When shooters show up we have made it impossible for you to loose money.  The first event scheduled in your State/Area will be a spark event, this will test the interest in your area for THE. After we have a reasonable turnout we will establish a State/Area Championship.  Then work toward building a Grand Slam circuit.  After we have established a Grand Slam/State Championship circuit consisting of at least four host ranges our efforts return to helping promote and build a higher turnout to these events.  Ranges in your area wishing to then become a part of the Grand Slam circuit rotation will have to host untitled world events for two or more years showing their dedication to host a true THE shoot. We are not afraid of making a jump to anywhere in the World.  All we need is interest from a range, group, or individual that again is not afraid of change. I can not call you, this is a GOD thing. His guidelines for THE is we have to allow him to bring you in, however one phone call is all it takes.     
Jimmy Gould
14595 CR 3475
Ada, OK 74820